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Mexican Vacations, Last Memories, and Death


As a self-employed twenty-something bachelor, I’ve had the flexibility over the last 5 or 6 years to accompany my grandparents on their annual vacation down to Mexico. The arrangement is pretty simple: I cover the cost of my ticket and my food while I’m there, and they provide me with a room in their villa. There have been a couple of years where even this greatly discounted deal has...

Breakup on the Beach

Several beach houses

Back in 2016, a friend of mine needed quotes for an article he was writing for Verily Magazine, so he asked a bunch of guys the following question: how have previous experiences with breakups and rejection affected the way you interact with women? I was in Mexico at the time, and instead of heading directly from breakfast to the...

Masculinity and Vulnerability

A man looking into the shards of a broken mirror

If you’re on Instagram, you may be familiar with the trend among girls using the app to go over the top in wishing their girlfriends a happy birthday. They’ll post 3 or 4 different pictures to their story, each with a heartwarming (if cliché) caption like “I don’t know what I’d do without this girl in my life” or “this chica means everything to me”...

Shawn the Ex-Crip

A pair of hands

Have you ever noticed that hotel front desks are almost always an ungodly height? For a desk, at least. And only on the outside – the attendant’s side is usually pretty normal. You might think this is just an aesthetics or security thing (it’s much harder to jump over something tall), but I think the reason is much simpler: elbows. I rarely walk into a hotel in a state other than...

Deformed Gifts

A Christmas gift

My fondest Christmas memory is not of something I got as a kid. It’s not a song, a scent, or a snowfall, not a tree, lights, or a star. It’s not even of something that I gave.

No, my fondest Christmas memory is of a Play-Doh cup.

Allow me to explain.

God Cares About Football

Andrew Luck dives into the end zone

The Colts were my world as a kid. I watched every game, read every article, cried when they lost and cheered when they won. I was obsessed. Whenever there was a choice between spending time with my family and watching a Colts game, I would choose the game.

John-Andrew O'Rourke Director // Writer



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