John-Andrew O'Rourke Director // Writer

April 2020

Masculinity and Vulnerability

A man looking into the shards of a broken mirror

If you’re on Instagram, you may be familiar with the trend among girls using the app to go over the top in wishing their girlfriends a happy birthday. They’ll post 3 or 4 different pictures to their story, each with a heartwarming (if cliché) caption like “I don’t know what I’d do without this girl in my life” or “this chica means everything to me”...

The Woman

A woman looking out over the water

The first beam of light slipping through the pane of her solitary window early that morning found the woman already awake. It was her custom to rise before the break of dawn to sit for a few moments with her only son before going about the day, but that wasn’t why. The truth is, that night she had hardly slept.

John-Andrew O'Rourke Director // Writer



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The Author

John-Andrew O'Rourke